A Fort Collins tradition is being put on the backburner, thanks to COVID-19.

Since my earliest days at Colorado State University, the traditional 'painting of the A' was talked about by everyone, even out-of-state students. My friends and roommates were all dying to sign up to complete the annual tradition of spray-painting rocks on a mountain, an honor only gifted to students.

However, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the 'A' won't be repainted this year, marking the first time in decades it's been postponed, according to The Colordoan.

Since 1923, the A has gotten a new coat of white, as well as a weeding, bi-annually. The task started with male freshman, then the honor was for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, then it was for the CSU football players. By the time I attended CSU in 2011, the task was a well-known offer to all students. You can see a photo gallery of the A over the years right here.

It's not known when the tradition will pick up again, but we can only hope it will be soon.

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