The Fort Collins Police warn that there have been reports of scams associated with COVID-19 and to remember that scams continually evolve.

Here are 2 current themes and tactics to watch out for:

  • COVID-19 Testing Kits: Scammers claim that people can bypass medical professionals and get tested for the coronavirus for a nominal fee. Phishing scammers may offer free home testing kits in exchange for personal information. THIS IS A SCAM. Testing is not available in this manner.
  • Government Stimulus Checks: Scammers claim that government stimulus money is available and that individuals must click on a link, provide personal information, and/or share financial information in order to receive the funds. THIS IS A SCAM. If you receive correspondence about a stimulus payment, visit the IRS or other official government website to verify information.

These "offers" typically come as text messages, calls (whether it's a robocall or from a real person), and emails.

Never provide personal or financial information to an unsolicited caller.

Remember that government agencies will never demand payment over the phone.

Sergeant Mike Knudsen, who runs the Fort Collins Police Fraud and Forgery Unit, said this in a press release:

"Unfortunately, criminals take advantage of people during times of uncertainty. Scammers are extremely convincing, and anyone can become a victim. We encourage our community members to stay scam-aware and share this information with their loved ones."

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