It's great to pass on a great 'feel good' story, when there's so much 'craziness' in the world. A little kid stopped by the Fort Collins Police Department and made their day.

You have to wonder what it was that sparked the idea in this little kid to want to, not only create a work of art, but do also give Fort Collins Police a stuffed dog.

I can picture him at the family's kitchen table, with his paper and art supplies creating the 'perfect' depiction of a police cruiser cruising the streets of Fort Collins. He probably had his tongue sticking out between his lips, concentrating on the project.

The little kid's name is Ryley (I think that's what his signature says,) and he brought his artwork and a stuffed K9 officer, 'Chief,' for the department as a 'thank you' for all they do. The officers at the station that day even got Ryley to meet one of their real-life K9 officers, Eleiko.

Ryley and K9 Eleiko
Twitter/Fort Collins Police

Look at that kid; he couldn't be prouder. He worked hard on his art, he got his mom (or whomever) to give him a ride out there to give the police his gift(s), it was a job well done.

Fort Collins Police - Gift
Twitter/Fort Collins Police
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Ryley and Officers
Twitter/Fort Collins Police

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