No, this isn't a villian in a Bond movie— James Bachmann is a local fugitive and Fort Collins detectives are the stars of the screen, working across state lines to apprehend their man.

In 2002, James Bachmann was charged for sexual assault on a child, sexual exploitation of a child, and possession of a controlled substance. However, Bachmann disappeared before he was scheduled to appear in court and tips on his whereabouts didn't surface until 2018.

At that time, police received word that Bachmann was living in Switzerland, immediately putting out what is called a 'red notice': according to a press release, that's an "international alert circulated to member countries regarding individuals wanted for extradition." (Source)

Bachmann had plans to travel to Indonesia in the spring, and when detectives caught wind of his plans, they worked with the Department of Justice and the Department of State to detain Bachmann for extradition in Qatar.

This Fort Collins crime story is certainly one for the movies...and as always, we love when our hardworking local detectives crack the case and come out on top. For more information on this case, head here.

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