If you watch the news, you have been seeing videos of people stealing package off of peoples porches. It's really crappy. Turns out, it's happening a lot in Fort Collins, but residents weren't sure how to report it. The Fort Collins Police Services are spreading the word on how to report a package theft by what they are calling "porch pirates".

Seasonal Package Thefts "Porch Pirates"

Hello, please report your package thefts to the Fort Collins Police Services. It greatly helps us develop crime patterns and potential suspects. I believe that package thefts have been vastly under-reported so far this season. You can report these thefts online or through the non-emergency number (970)221-6540. Also, please report suspicious vehicles or people in your neighborhood. Thank you! Officer Chip Avinger (FC252) Neighborhood Enforcement Team Fort Collins Police Services 2221 S. Timberline Rd. Fort Collins, Colorado 80522 Office: (970)416-2964

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