I live in one of the best cities on earth, Fort Collins. Every year it makes five or six "Best of" lists. My wife discovered that our fair city is one of , "The 50 Best College Towns to Live in Forever". I would agree with that. I went to CSU. My wife works there. I plan on living here til they run me out, which could happen sooner than later.

They weren't very eloquent in their praise of Fort Collins, but College Ranker did place it 3rd on their list.  Here is what the website had to say about the city I love:

Located a little over 60 miles for the Denver, the capital of Colorado, is a popular college town by the name of Fort Collins. Collins Colorado has the fourth largest popular in the state, behind Aurora, Colorado Springs, and of course Denver. Fort collins has a history as being a military base starting in 1864. But now, it is the location for the well known, Colorado State University. in 2006, this thriving town was ranked as the best place to live. In 2008, it came in second place, and sixth place in 2010 as the best place to live. Due to the benefits from Colorado State university, Fort Collins is home to a few big research facilities such as, Hewlett packard, Intel, AMD, and much more.


Top 10  Best College Towns to Live in Forever

Fort Collins View From Horsetooth Rock
Todd Harding, TSM

1. St. Augustine, Florida
2. Lawrence, Kansas
3. Fort Collins, Colorado
4. Athens, Ohio
5. Ames, Iowa
6. Bloomington, IN
7. South Bend, Indiana
8. Tempe, Arizona
9. Malibu, California
10. Beaufort, South Carolina