The owner of Matador Mexican Restaurant answered when I called them to ask about reports that they were pulling all Budweiser products from their menus.

I heard it was happening because of the 'MACRO BEER' commercials that ran during the Super Bowl.

Paul Michaelson owns the restaurant, supports local brews and brewers, and he clarified.

It wasn't necessarily the commercial that was the final straw. Their bully tactics toward local craft brew is what set it off.

As you'll hear in the video interview, it's more about local business issues that he sees firsthand than the commercial. I saw the spot when it ran, and even as a guy who doesn't drink beer, I thought, "That may work for some parts of America, but they are way off the mark for much of Northern Colorado."

Then, I remembered Northern Colorado's agricultural roots. There are guys here who have been wearing jeans, t-shirts, and hunting hats since before hipsters filled the streets of Old Town will still be wearing jeans, t-shirts, and hunting hats long after said hipsters start wearing something else.

This commercial speaks loudly to a few separate groups. To the Bud drinking rancher, it says "Don't dress like a sissy and drink beer with pumpkins in it." To the craft brew drinking hipster it says, "You are a craft brew drinking hipster. Stop it."

I'm not surprised it offended some. I like to walk both sides of the line. I'm a hipster when it comes to some things, and a redneck when it comes to others, so, for me, it was like an offsetting penalty.

What did you think?


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