Get your tickets now, because CSU men's basketball is about to blow the roof off of Moby Arena.

If the Rams win their next two games against Little Rock (Dec. 1) and Saint Mary's (Dec. 4), they are looking at a high likelihood of being ranked in the AP Top 25.

Colorado State men's basketball is off to a decisive start to the season, toting a current 7-0 overall record. After their championship-winning performance against Northeastern to bring home the Paradise Jam tournament title, the Rams have solidified the confidence many fans came into the season with.

David Roddy got even better - something that was hard to imagine as possible

Roddy has been a force on the court, both down low and behind the arc. His strength and athleticism are unmatched by really anyone that's paired with him down low. His defense - unless you're a CSU fan - is incredibly frustrating.

The basketball IQ that both Roddy and Isaiah Stevens show on the floor in every game the Rams play will hardly spare any opponent that steps forward to share the hardwood.

The Rams need to lockdown early - playing catch-up won't be sustainable season-long

While it's exciting to watch - everyone loves a good comeback game - it's simply not sustainable.

Not to taint their season with any sort of negativity, but head coach Niko Medved has said it himself. He, and fans alike, give credit where credit is due. But soon, if they're not careful, too late will prove to be too little rather than just enough.

We saw a lot of momentum out of the gate for the Rams in the early games of the season, including their incredible performance to knock Oral Roberts off their feet more than anyone expected.

However, it almost bit CSU in the Paradise Jam when they, luckily, notched their second-biggest comeback in program history to take the title. The further into the season that gets, the more uncomfortable those down-by-halftime scenarios get.

We'll say it again: the depth off the bench is insane.

It already sounds like a broken-record point, but the depth for the Rams is really their saving grace - and every other team's doom.

It's why the Rams have been so successful in late-game comebacks. They have enough men off the bench that if anyone gets winded, they have plenty of reserves to catch their breath. The stamina team-wide is what is proving beneficial in the long haul through full games.

There's that little thing about potential ranking...

While it's not necessarily guaranteed - we all know how, ahem, frustrating AP ranking tends to be.

There will always be a reason to argue why a team should or shouldn't be ranked. But, the argument for CSU to be in the top 25 is getting harder and harder to ignore.

If the Rams are able to ring in a win against Saint Mary's on Saturday, Dec. 4, it will be near impossible to not at least consider them right there for a national ranking.

See the action for yourself this week. Single-game tickets are still available online.

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