We all know the classic TV show "Supermarket Sweep", but did you know that a local version is coming to Fort Collins?

Here's the premise of the original show if you aren't familiar (courtesy of Wikipedia because I have to admit, all I've seen are the SNL parodies). Half timed race, half quiz show, the whole premise is grabbing the items in the store with the highest value and putting them in your shopping cart. The winning team are the smarter shoppers...get it?

Lucky's Market is getting in on the classic game show fun. According to a Facebook event from NoCo Grocery Grab, this event is happening on April 30 at the downtown Fort Collins grocery store, thanks to Partners and My Big Day LLC.

The Facebook description says:

 Larimer County Partners, Inc. Board of Directors will be hosting a raffle for the chance to win a shopping spree of up to either $1000, $750, or $500 at Lucky's Market. Then on April 30th, our winners will have a limited amount of time to grab whatever they can (with a few hidden prizes along the way).

You can even buy tickets to the event, which are on sale until April 25, 2021. Read more about the NoCo Grocery Grab right here. 

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