Forbes is super famous for their lists, where they annually rank categories like best colleges or wealthiest people in the world. Fort Collins actually earned a spot on their most recent list – 14 Best Places to Travel in the US in 2019. Some of the top travel experts and influencers across the globe contributed to the recent rankings, in which Fort Collins turned up on top of radars for next year's travel plans. The northern Colorado city was chosen directly by Olivia Balsinger, a travel and broadcast journalist who has visited 96 different countries, which means her opinions definitely have creds. Here's what Olivia and the site had to say about Fort Collins:

Fort Collins, nicknamed FoCo, is a happening new travel destination whose energetic art scene and entrepreneurial spirit makes the hour-long drive from Denver well worth it. I strolled its streets as if it were a movie scene. An invigorating creative spirit permeates its quirky, niche culture and spreads across to the pristine natural landscape that frames the area. FoCo nurtures a large “maker” culture, offering delicious brews that utilize the freshest of local ingredients in hot spots like New Belgium Brewery. It's also a hip place that continues to grow as a hub for artists and creatives, who value the significance of community as much as the solace of the natural environment. For example, at Farm Fusion, I enjoyed farm-to-table delicacies and learned how they are made with interactive instruction. Similarly, at the newly opened Ginger & Baker, I participated in a demonstration dedicated to spreading the enjoyment of healthy, local food. FoCo is also packed with ample adventure — hiking, skiing, fishing and whitewater rafting — within minutes of town.

We really do have it all!

Other places that made Forbes' top 14 travel destinations for 2019 were Charleston, SC, Jackson Hole, WY and Nashville, TN. You can check out their original rankings here.

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