Weeks ago, we asked you to submit the name of your favorite bartender in Fort Collins. With so many amazing local bars, eateries, and breweries, there are so many bartenders slinging cocktails and making us feel welcome in the establishment they work for. But which one is the best?

After a submission period, we then asked the community to vote. Based on how Fort Collins picked, here are the top five bartenders that YOU chose as your favorite.

#1: Jackie Ames, Old Chicago

Jacob Laxen, TSM

Pizza and a great bar experience? That sounds like heaven to us. Congratulations to Jackie, who garnered 10% of the local pick with 648 votes.

#2: Ray Harvey, Jay's Bistro

Jacob Laxen, TSM

We're thinking Ray deserves a serenade on the piano now...or at least a gorgeous glass of wine in celebration. Ray raked in 345 total votes for his bartending skills!

#3: Laurence Francis, Pour Brothers

Jacob Laxen, TSM

Laurence is essentially The Bachelor of Fort Collins now, right? Laurence gets the Fort Collins equivalent of a rose with 300 local votes!

#4: Emily Miller, Chipper's Lanes

Jacob Laxen, TSM

Chipper's has an amazing bar with tons of choices, and apparently a solid bartender as well. Congratulations, Emily, you got 232 votes!

#5: Mike Weber, Bondi Beach Bar

Jacob Laxen, TSM

Before you climb up on the bar, make sure you score a drink from this fantastic bartender: congratulations, Mike, you got 217 total votes!

Thank you to every local bar who was included in our original poll for offering a fantastic, safe space to consume our favorite beverages in Fort Collins. It'd be fairly boring here without our bar scene, and we've got to give it up to the local business owners who make living here so much more entertaining.

Go out and visit these businesses today and show them how much you appreciate their staff. They work hard, and they all deserve a pat on the back.

With that, we raise a glass to our favorite bartenders...and say CHEERS!