A craft brewery in Fort Collins that hasn't even opened its doors yet was forced to change its name due to a cease and desist letter from Absolut Vodka.

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Intersect Brewing is currently under construction and will open at 2160 W. Drake Rd in Fort Collins in August. Intersect Brewing is the second name this unopened brewery has had. The original name was going to be Absolute Threshold Brewing until Absolute Vodka sent a copyright complaint to the brewery.

The owners Will and Mandie Hendrick told the Coloradoan that "We don't have the time or the money to fight with someone over a name. Will added that "We were a little disappointed" and "We had that name for a long time and it meant a lot to us... But we have to let it go."

On a positive note, the owners of Intersect Brewing didn't yet buy the signs or merchandise for the yet to opened brewery.


Personally, the copyright complaint seems frivolous. I think people are smart enough to know the difference between Absolut, a liquor company that is known for its vodka and Absolute Threshold Brewing, a Northern Colorado microbrewery that serves beer. But what do I know? No matter what the name is, I will be excited to try their beers at the close of summer!


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