Since their reopening one month ago, Nuance Chocolate has been thriving.

The Old Town store had to close earlier this summer after a car crashed through the building, but that didn't stop the owners from sharing their beloved chocolate.

Toby and Alix Gadd worked hard to get their store up and running again, hosting various pop-up shops all around Fort Collins in the meantime.

Now, Nuance Chocolate has been back in business at their original location for about a month, and the world has noticed.

No, not just Fort Collins. The world. 

The Northern Colorado store's owners were recently recognized as some of the 10 best craft chocolate makers in the United States by USA Today.

The nationwide magazine hailed the Gadd's as "the most prolific single-origin chocolate makers in the world," praising them for the variety and taste of their chocolate.

They also saluted the store for one of its most unique creations: the snakebite truffle, involving tequila, chili, salt, and lime.

It looks like Nuance Chocolate turned has their literal "hole-in-the-wall" shop into a nationally-recognized store.

Perhaps it's time to celebrate with some chocolate.

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