Investigators may have a lead when it comes to the recent shooting that occurred in the Northern Colorado area. They are currently searching for an SUV that may have important information. According to 9 News, authorities are looking for a white Ford SUV in connection with the shooting death of John Jacoby, that occurred in Windsor on May 18.

They believe the driver of the SUV may have important witness information of the incident involving Jacoby. It has been determined that this shooting is linked to another shooting in April of a 20 year-old woman, Cori Romero. They are still trying to discover if these two shootings are connected to a third that occurred on June 3 in Loveland.

Recently, the FBI increased the reward for any information leading to a conviction of the individual responsible for these shootings to $20,000. If you have any information regarding the SUV or of the shooting in general, call the anonymous Task Force Tip Line at 970-498-5595.

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