Maybe $10,000 just wasn’t enough; after taxes that would probably come out to be about $6,000. So, the FBI has upped the reward for information leading to a conviction to $20,000.

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It’s hard to imagine someone turning down $10,000 to help solve a string of shootings that have left two people dead and one seriously injured in Northern Colorado. You would think that if someone had information to help prevent another shooting, that they’d come forward and REFUSE the money, right? However, since no one has provided the authorities with the information they need, they are now offering $20,000 to help the task force get this person, and ease the fears of the citizens of the area.

The task force hasn't officially connected the shooting death of Gerald Donovan in downtown Loveland to the other two shooting; they just keep saying that there’s a ‘likeness’ to the other two.

The Task Force is made up of members of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Windsor Police Department, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office, the Larimer County District Attorney’s Office, and the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.

‘Money talks,’ is what they say. Hopefully that pans out before another person gets shot.

As well as doubling the reward money, the task force also released a new number that they’ve set up for people to call: 970-498-5595. If you’d rather email your information, you can do that – TaskForce@Larimer.Org

You may have the info they need!

[Source: The Coloradoan]

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