The cost of living seems like it continues to grow throughout Northern Colorado, especially when you have a large family that you need to support on a daily basis.

Little background on me: I have been lucky to have been married to my wife since 2005, and we have both been blessed to have given life to four boys who keep us very active on a daily basis.

However, that also means that we spend much more money on food and entertainment than most couples...and even families who only have two children.

My wife and I are always on the search to find the best deals possible throughout Northern Colorado in hopes that it saves us even a couple dollars here and there throughout each month.

Whether it has to do with our regular grocery shopping trips, grabbing a quick bite out to eat, or taking in some fun as a family, we always weigh the cost with if we actually need to spend the money on it.

So after doing some research ourselves, and putting it in our real lives, here are five places in Northern Colorado that I have come to find save us plenty of money while saving the money to do the big things as a family.

I'd love to hear your ideas as well so we can update this story with your additions. Just email me with who you think should be added to this list!


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