Black Friday is here, finally. For many of you, you began shopping on Thanksgiving Day and probably haven't stopped since. For some, Black Friday is a must to take advantage of big deals. For others, simply people-watching on Black Friday is worth the craziness.

You never know what you'll see on America's biggest shopping day of the year. One thing you know about Black Friday, though, is that it feels like every one you know participates in one way or another.

Here are the most interesting Black Friday stats I could find on the web!


1.  74% of people are planning to do some shopping on Friday, and if they don't do it online and go to stores, they'll spend an average of two to five hours there.

2.  At least 40% of people will buy something for themselves.

3.  73% of us have trouble figuring out whether some Black Friday deals are actually any good.

4.  Most people will go into a store at SOME point in the next month.  Only 9% of people say they're planning to do all of their holiday shopping online. 

5. The average person will start their Black Friday shopping at 3:29 P.M.... on Thanksgiving Day.


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