What the freak is Firkin Friday at Crabtree Brewery?

When local breweries get the itch to experiment, they get creative and are not afraid to try new or even outrageous things. You get to partake in all the fun as well! They call this event, Firkin Friday and it is back for 2019 year at Crabtree Brewery in Greeley, to spark all your curiousity of what a certain flavor might taste like as a beer. Or its a great Friday evening for all those who are not afraid to try anything out of the ordinary and maybe even sometimes, daring.

Firkin Friday at Crabtree Brewery will be happening the first and third Friday of every month. Starting at 6pm, you can come in and start the weekend off right with friends, by helping Crabtree with all these creative, crazy flavors. Flavors like Peanut Butter Brown, which kicked off the 2019 season this last Friday. Discover the amazing beer flavors that the Northern Colorado local brewery already has (including my favorite beers), and see where their inspiration takes them with all the flavors to come this year!

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