A nice gift for Mother's Day turns out to be the cause of a fire in Windsor, in early July, as firefighters think that it spontaneously combusted.

It's never good to get a call from your mother saying, 'Well, that gift you gave me exploded..' But, I'm guessing that's how the conversation went after the fire was extinguished.

KDVR has the story of how, while a woman in Windsor was at work on July 6, a potted plant she'd been given for Mother's Day caught on fire by itself. She got a call from her neighbors after they'd called 911 and used hoses until the firefighters got there.

Apparently, it was a 'perfect storm' combination of the tightly-packed soil, the direct sunlight on the back porch, and the plastic pot that the plant was in, that contributed to combined making the plant begin to smolder and start a fire.

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Luckily, neighbors were around to notice what was happening, and get help to the scene quickly; otherwise, the woman could have come home to no home. Windsor-Severance Fire is still investigating to be sure of their initial hypothesis, of the incident.

I can say that my mom may have not loved every gift I gave her for Mother's Day, but I can boast that none of them ever became a danger to her property.

Get more on the Mother's Day Plant Fire from KDVR HERE.

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