Guaranteed to nudge your 'that's too cute' button, the Denver Zoo shared a video of how their Asian otters like their toys.

If you were to visit these Asian small-clawed otters at the Denver Zoo, you may think that kids had somehow thrown some of their own toys into their 'habitat,' but no. These are legit toys that they get to play with.

One of the otters looks like it's gotten into your little sister's fake jewelry set. Others look like those 'odd' toys you find at the very bottom of toy chest; items that haven't see the light of day in years, even if Woody was in charge.

Asian small-clawed otters, the smallest of otters, get their food more from the shorelines of their natural locations, rather than from the depths of their local water sources. They have short claws which they use to catch prey (frogs, crabs, fish), where other otters use their mouths. Their white whiskers are high-tech: they detect changes in water current and water pressure.

Asian small-clawed otters live to be about 16, which is just about when they should be outgrowing their 'toys' anyway. One neat fact is that each otter, every single otter, has its own unique scent, like a human's fingerprint.


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