The hot summer days mean less precipitation and dry, fire prone vegetation in Northern Colorado. Today at noon (7/11/17) fire restrictions have gone into effect in Larimer County. The restrictions have been approved unanimously be the Board of County Commissioners after recommendations were made by Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

Wildfire Grows Rapidly In California's Lake County
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What do fire restrictions mean for Larimer County residents? Here are couple of examples, all of which are for unincorporated parts of Larimer County:

  • No open fires. This includes camp or cooking fires
  • Smoking in the open. Including trails, parks and open spaces.
  • No fireworks
  • No incendiary devices, which include sky lanterns, exploding ammunition and devices, or tracer ammunition.
  • No welding in the open

What is not restricted is contained open fires in a stationary masonry or metal fireplace, fireplaces or stoves located in permanent structures, charcoal grills at private residences, welding or torch work in an enclosed building, etc.

If you would like to see what is or is not on the restricted list, you can do so HERE.

The fire restrictions are in effect until midnight, August 22nd.




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