The search had been on to find this bear that was caught on camera with a chicken feeder bucket around its neck.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife North West Division posted a video on July 14, 2021, of wildlife officers freeing the white bucket from the young bear's neck, after what they believe to be 'at least a week' that the bear had been stuck.

This bear is going to have a good story for years to come, after getting that nuisance off its neck. Maybe it will begin telling Rodney Dangerfield jokes?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife didn't say where, exactly, the bear was found, but they were looking in the foothills around Boulder, after the bear was first reported to them on July 6, 2021.

They must have drugged the bear a bit so that they get out the cutting tool and carefully slice through the bucket. After the bucket was cut off, it revealed that the female bear had not suffered any noticeable injuries from the unwanted neckwear. Great news.

After the bear regained consciousness, they were sure to scare off the bear, by hazing it, so that it's less likely to run into any more 'run ins' with the human population.

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