I am going to talk about something that I have not discussed on the air or with anyone that is not relatively close to my inner circle of friends and family.


Back in October, I got a phone call. A phone call no one should wake up to. The phone call was my sister telling my that one of my sisters has passed away. She took her own life in Atlanta by overdosing. I then had to compose myself to call my mother to let her know what happened.  The next week I flew from DIA to Florida to be with my mom. We both drove up to Atlanta to take care of the final business the day after I arrived. After we did what we needed to do we drove back to Florida and I went home.

Her final wish was to be cremated, which we followed through for her. Her final resting place was something that I did not want to buy. Rather, something that needed to be made from the heart. I decided to take on the honor of making an urn for her.

I wanted something that would be fitting for her, so I chose to make her urn out of Purpleheart and Maple with dovetailed corners.

To tell you the truth. I didn't want to make this. Instead I wish she would have called us to tell us that she needed help. We would have been there for her in a heartbeat when she needed us the most. Sadly, that is not how events played out. I am thankful to know a skill that I was able to give her a final resting place from the heart. But I am sad that I had to do it.

A quick thought for everyone before I end this blog:

Your family loves you. Whether you need help or feel like there is no way out of whatever it is you are going through, your family is there for you when you need them the most. You might not be close with your family, you might not think that they are there for you, but they are.