Now that we know who will play the leads in the movie adaption of 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' the big question is just how far the filmmakers will go to faithfully reproduce the novel's sex scenes. Will they tone it down for an R rating? Or push the boundaries for an NC-17?

"That's the $1,000 question," Melissa Silverstein, editor of the Women and Hollywood blog on, told USA Today, adding director Sam Taylor-Johnson will have to "walk a very fine line."

Kirby Dick, director of 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated,' a 2006 documentary about the MPAA rating system, thinks the end result will be a kinder, gentler 'Fifty Shades,' because an NC-17 rating has historically "dramatically impacted box office" and can be a movie's "kiss of death."

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed 'Twilight,' agrees. Her current film, the sexy thriller 'Plush,' due out in October, underwent edits after explicit scenes made focus groups uncomfortable.

"I thought after the success of (the novel) 'Fifty Shades of Grey' that people would be totally excited to see it. But it was too intense. It's a whole different feeling on the screen," she said. "In the end, people are still uptight and nervous about sexuality in movies."

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