Fetty Wap shared an emotional tribute to his late 4-year-old daughter, Lauren Maxwell.

The rapper held an Instagram Live Tuesday (Aug. 3), during which he spoke about the loss of his baby girl.

"She’s good. My baby’s happy now," he said to his almost 7 million followers, according to Fox News. He kissed a picture of Lauren before saying, "That’s my little twin right there."

He then requested that fans do him a favor and "just post all butterflies on my s--- ... Shorty loved butterflies and if y’all could do that, it’d mean a lot to me."

Numerous fans shared the emoji on his stream and on his Instagram posts. He then cried before thanking everyone, "Man, thank y’all. That’s love. I appreciate y'all, for real. Damn, that’s love. She’d be happy as hell."

Lauren's mother, Turquoise Miami, announced the child's death on social media on Sunday. She did not specify the reason for her daughter's passing, though it's been since reported that Lauren died due to a heart defect.

Miami also addressed social media users who criticized Fetty Wap for previously not being there for his daughter. (She previously posted videos about her ex, criticizing his parenting between 2017 and 2019.)

“You don’t have to kick a man while he’s down, losing a child is as down as it gets,” she wrote, according to Page Six.

Miami explained that their co-parenting has improved over the years and that he has been there for them both, emotionally and financially.

“We came to a better place for Lauren," she continued. “All that y’all need to know is Lauren loved her daddy and he loved her. She made him laugh with her crazy funny personality and she loved to be the center of attention and he loved to be her audience.”

She requested that people be "more compassionate" towards Fetty Wap.

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