So far this week, I have made this fried chicken twice. Once was for a tester for the Broncos game and then for the actual game!

Matt Sparx

The idea came to me over labor day weekend. We wanted something to eat around midnight after hanging out with our neighbors and couldn't think of anything in particular to make. I started looking through the cabinets and nothing looked good. Then I had an idea... Fried chicken sounds amazing right about now... Let's make it.

Here is how I made our Hatch Green Chile Fired Chicken:


1 cup flour

a little less than 1/2 cup brown sugar (eyeball it)

4-5 tbsp of green chile powder

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp black pepper

1 tbsp paprika

couple pinches of salt to your tasting

and now the kicker.... 1 cup of finely crushed Goldfish crackers

How to make

A cast iron frying pan is key... If you don't have one, your grandma would be sad. Get one if you don't already. Fill the pan about half way up with your choice of cooking oil. I prefer peanut oil, but we didn't have any. Vegetable oil had to suffice. Turn the heat on to medium high and batter those chickens.

I used two chicken breasts and cut them into strips for this go round, you can do your chicken any way you choose. This is what I had to work with. You will need a tub of flower. I used a Tupperware with about a half a cup, plopped the chicken in and then put the lid on and shook until I could see the chicken was coated. Now, crack two eggs, beat and put in a bowl. Throw the flour coated chicken in the egg and coat.

Get your green chile batter you made and put the flour and egg coated chicken parts in the batter... Shake... But first put the lid on. Make sure the chicken is coated very well. You might have to manually coat some of the strips by hand prior to frying.

Now this is where it starts to sizzle! Your coated chicken now takes an oil bath! Fry those chick chunks up and flip after a few minutes. When they are golden brown, take 'em out and eat! This is a perfect meal for a Broncos game on any given Sunday!

Matt Sparx

We chose to pair the fried chicken up with some Task Force Green Chile BBQ sauce that is made in Fort Collins and some salad. The food and the game were great together! Happy Fall y'all!