The fuel filter in a diesel engine separates water and other contaminates out of the diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is low quality fuel overall. Excessive build-up of water in the filter can cause freezing in the fuel system, can cause the vehicle to be hard to start, to die-in-flight or run poorly.
It is recommended that the fuel filter be changed every 6,000 miles. This will help prevent fuel jelling, clogged fuel lines and protect your injectors and injection pump. A fuel filter is more cost effective than a tow bill.

Not that this would ever happen to YOU, but should you discover that gasoline has been introduced into your diesel fuel tank, do not so much as even start your engine. DON’T DO IT !! Gasoline can create so much heat in the fuel system that injectors can melt -or- worse. Call Diesel Services and they will send a tow truck. They will drain the contaminated fuel out of your tank, clear all fuel lines, change the fuel filter and get you doing with fresh fuel. It’s not worth the risk to run your engine on gas.

Have you noticed there’s a lack of heat in the mornings these days? Brrrr. It’s a known fact that diesel engines dislike the cold worse than you do on some mornings. A problem with your starting system can cause a slow start, excessive wear on your starting system and a cloud of smoke which your neighbors are gonna love. Before you tax your starting system, call the folks at Diesel Services of Northern Colorado. The staff of professional Diesel Technicians at Diesel Services will give your truck a check-up and make sure you’re ready for winter. Don’t put it off.

All service and repairs are done by 12 expert certified technicians and the most modern technology. Their two curriers can get parts from out of town in a hurry because you want to get back on the road as soon as possible to see our beautiful country.