When my boyfriend and I discovered the show Long Way Up (after binging Long Way Round and Long Way Down first, of course), that was the first time I'd ever heard of the company Rivian. This electric vehicle company made Ewan McGregor's team a specialized version of their electric truck and gave them one of the first ones off the line. They then travelled through South America in it, charging as they went.

Rivian is back on my radar thanks to recent news, as they've reached an agreement with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to offer an electric vehicle charging station at every state park in Colorado, according to CPR.

In 2019, according to FleetOwner.com, Governor Polis signed an order planning a full, but gradual, transition to electric vehicles. This matchup with Rivian gives more of an opportunity to Colorado drivers to integrate their vehicles into Colorado's culture of hiking and celebrating the outdoors.

The chargers being placed at these state parks are described as "Level 2" chargers by CPR and Rivian, meaning they don't charge your vehicle as fast as "Level 3" chargers. However, if you're parked at a state park, you probably have time to spare, anyway.

Would you consider making the switch to an electronic vehicle? Let us know in the comments.

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