ESPN asked: 'What's lurking in your stadium food?' What they found was that Colorado sports venues aren't hitting it out of the park when it comes to food safety.

In fact, ESPN has ranked them as some of the worst in the entire country. When you go to Coors Field or the Pepsi Center in Denver, is it best to stick with just that — Coors and Pepsi? 

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Alright, so you're probably there to cheer on your favorite team, not indulge in five-star cuisine, but if you're ordering up a stadium snack, well...

'ESPN's Outside the Lines reviewed and collected more than 16,000 food-safety inspection reports from health departments that monitor the 111 professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey facilities across North America,' ESPN reports. Of those 111, Broncos Field at Mile High ranked 103 (so, one of the worst), while the Pepsi Center ranked at 101. Why? ESPN credits improper food temperatures, dirty towels, etc. OK, so maybe get that aforementioned Pepsi sans ice.

As for Coors... it wasn't far up the list at 99. Bon appetit! HOWEVER... before you panic, 9NEWS says this really isn't that big of a deal and your stadium food at these Denver venues isn't gonna kill you. Here's why.

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