The Colorado Rockies can be a frustrating franchise to follow, as it seems season after season they repeatedly fall back into making the same mistakes and not-so-positive patterns.

As the team heads into the All-Star break, they hold a record of 43-50. However, despite their losing record, the Rockies still have a few things to be proud of.

For one, the team acquired a talented right-handed pitcher during the MLB draft this past weekend. According to Rox Pile, Gabriel Hughes was considered "the healthiest pitcher" in the draft. Rockies fans will agree that pitching tends to be the team's main downfall, so hopefully, Hughes will bring a much-needed change in that department, once he starts playing. He was picked 10th overall in the draft.

Another satisfying stat that the Rockies can be proud of is their recent no-error streak. Although it was broken during the July 17 game as a result of a fielding play gone wrong by Ryan McMahon, the team had previously gone an impressive 14 games in a row without making an error. The best the Rockies had done prior to that was a 13-game streak back in 1997. During the '97 season, they finished just below the league average for errors (116) with 111 committed. Hopefully, it won't be another 25 years before this streak is achieved again.

Unfortunately, the Rockies' third baseman currently leads the league in errors, with a total of 13 so far this season. Regardless of this stat, the Rockies fall way down on the list at No. 26 for most errors committed by a team, as of July 18. Earlier in July, they were leading the league, so they are at least showing some improvement. Plus, one error during that time fame really isn't too shabby compared to some of the other teams in the MLB.

With half of the season left yet to play, the Rockies' manager Bud Black has confidence that the team can continue to step it up defensively, as they've proven they are, in fact, capable of doing.

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