Many peacocks don't really use their wings to get around, however over the weekend, eight peacocks at the Denver Zoo were feeling especially flighty and decided to fly the coop all together. 

If you've ever been to the zoo in Denver, you've probably seen these colorful birds roaming about the grounds, as they're free to walk where they please. This also means that they can walk right out the front gate if they feel like it, and on Sunday, they apparently did. While a total of eight peacocks left zoo property, five were found and brought back by the end of Sunday night. A sixth peacock was spotted on a nearby roof Sunday evening, but a zoo curator was unable to recapture it after a few hours of trying. That particular peacock returned back to the zoo on its own, although one of the other escapees was sadly struck by a vehicle near 23rd Street and Colorado Boulevard. Now there is just one bird on the lam, and zoo officials are hoping that it too, will find its way back home, if it hasn't already. The zoo does not take daily inventory of the peacocks, so are counting on the public's help, should someone notice one wandering through their neighborhood.

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