From climbing high on mountain tops to swinging hundreds of feet over a canyon, Colorado has lots to offer for the thrill-seeking, adventurous souls. But one of the craziest opportunities of them all, and only for the bravest of the brave, is earning a "Certificate of Insanity" by wrestling an alligator at Colorado Gators Reptile Park — crikey!

Located in Alamosa, Colorado Gators is a family oriented, educational facility that's home to not just alligators, but other reptiles too, including turtles and tortoises, anacondas, pythons, lizards and more. Acting as a sanctuary for unwanted exotic pets, the staff cares for these creatures as best they can, and helps the public understand the dangers of owning them as pets. Since many of the gators used to be someone's pet, the staff frequently needs to check in and make sure that they're adjusting to life outside of an aquarium, bath tub, or back yard pool. This is where the gator wrestling class comes into play. It's a fun experience for those who are fearless, but the $100 opportunity actually serves a purpose too. Besides ensuring that the alligators are adapting well to the new environment, they also need to be monitored for wounds caused by other gators, and be medicated or moved if necessary. With the help of those taking the class, the staff doesn't have to go out and wrestle the gators every time this needs to be done. The gators can be anywhere from two to eight feet in length, with some weighing close to 200 pounds.

During the wrestling experience, the gators are not sedated and their mouths are not taped shut. Injuries are possible and the class is dangerous, which is why those who come out successful, earn a much deserved Certificate of Insanity. Wrestlers who chicken out receive a Sir Robin Award. Participants must be at least 18 years old to sign up, and must schedule and pay for the class a week or more in advance.

Who's ready to wrestle?

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