Mail ballots are already arriving and early voting has started. 2016 has unfortunately given us many embarrassing moments, trends, and now...Presidential Candidates. There are some people that love Hilary Clinton, there are some people that love Donald Trump but I feel most Americans can't believe these two are the top choices to be our next President. A lot of importance has been lost as well, when people think of voting now a days. We are so sadly nonchalant about it.

The right to vote and what voting itself stands for is the basis of America and the freedom that we all are blessed to have. It's the reason why so many families have suffered the loss of a loved ones, so many families live every day without their dad or mom and the reason why you should take a moment while voting, and think about just how important and special and thankful you should be holding that power.

If you aren't running to the voting booth to make sure your love for Clinton or Trump wins out, you can vote for anyone that you want. Yes, even the popular smart mouth choice of "Mickey Mouse" is an option but just be sure that you DO vote. Because it's not about Clinton or Trump, it's about the fact that you CAN vote.