Colorado Eagles assistant coach and former player, Greg Pankewicz is making headlines across the country for a YouTube video of him taking his clothes off.  No he wasn’t getting naked, or doing anything lewd,  he was just furious about some officiating at the Eagles game Sunday night. 

If you’re a hockey fan from Northern Colorado, you probably know the name Greg Pankewicz.  He played in the NHL and then joined the Colorado Eagles in 2003.  In the ’06-’07 season He earned the award of playoff MVP and helped the Eagles win their 2nd President’s Cup in three years. And set a Central Hockey League record with 32 points in the playoffs. After he retired, Pankewicz re-joined the Eagles in 2009 as an assistant coach.

Sunday night the Eagles were playing the Mississippi River Kings when Colorado’s Joe Grimaldi was tackled hard during a fight.   Pankewicz (along with most Eagles fans) became furious at the referees.  So mad, that he started taking things off and throwing them on the ice; his scarf, his coat, his shirt, his loafers, they all ended up on the ice in the tirade.  And of course it all wound up on YouTube thanks to an Eagles fan and his or her camera phone.  And news sites and sports shows are having a heyday with it.

Pankewicz continued to argue with officials until they ejected him and sent him to the dressing room. Hey, you've got to give the guy some credit, that right there is PASSION for the game.

Colorado went on to win the game 5-1.

Read more about the story from NBC Sports.

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