Have you heard the term, "minimoon?" If not, you probably have not heard of this great spot to have one in Colorado, either. Need a getaway to get back to where you started?

You won't be seeing any mini, yellow henchmen, Minions, on your getaway into the Colorado mountains, but you will find relaxation, luxury and a cool saloon.


The folks at TripsToDiscover.com recently listed their 14 Best Hotels for a Minimoon, and a great Colorado location made that list of 14. If you have the time and money, you might want to stay at all 14 of them, but since that's probably out of the question, the one in Colorado will do, just fine.

With a drive of just over eight hours, this resort is actually a town - a ghost town. Not only can you book a romantic room, you can reserve the whole resort; perfect for a minimoon all to yourself. Get the love of your life, and get ready for sparks to start flying, like it did, before.


You can feel like a cowboy, going back in time to the 1800's when it all used to be thriving mining community, with three successful mines in operation in the area. Today, after having undergone seven years of renovating the town, you'll find high-speed internet in all the rooms, a great saloon, with great food & drink, great outdoor activities, and hot springs.

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With all that the resort has to offer, they also thrown in two words everyone likes to hear when it comes to a vacation of any kind: "All Inclusive." All food and drink are included in your stay. Of course, with luxury and "all inclusive," your stay will cost you quite a few dollars: many of the "houses" that you can minimoon at run over $2,000 per night.


It's Dunton Hot Springs, a little south-southwest of Telluride in the San Juan mountains.

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