You wouldn't think that Parker would be the most intriguing place for distant visitors to find a permanent home.  Perhaps it's the quiet and subtle beauty of the Parker landscape that draws in those who want to get away for a while-- including John Carpenter, a survivor of the Battle of Dunkirk.

On the program Next With Kyle Clark, John Carpenter sat down with a reporter to discuss his experiences in Dunkirk, timely now that a movie of the same name was released on Friday, July 21.  You can read the full story here or watch the video interview above.

The film has received great reviews in the few days it's been in theaters, garnering a 92% positive rating on review site Rotten Tomatoes (AKA, 'Certified Fresh').  It's being called a harrowing depiction of the battle, and yes-- John Carpenter is planning on seeing it.

Take it from someone who has family in Parker and visits often-- it is probably one of the most calm, peaceful places I've visited in Colorado.  The wide open spaces and rolling hills might be a welcome distraction for Carpenter, and we hope he's enjoying his time in our lovely state.

Madi Scruggs, TSM
Sadie enjoying the Parker landscape.  Madi Scruggs, TSM

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