Denver DoorDash customers will now have to pay an extra $2 for their deliveries.

According to Denver7, the company is enacting the "Denver Fee" in response to an October city council ruling that capped delivery fees from DoorDash at 15%.

However, local business owners are skeptical about the new fee. Rick Koerner, owner of Stack Subs, told the station that he fears the fee will detract customers from his restaurant.

Nate Lotz, Director of Operations at the Denver Biscuit Company, echoed these concerns, stating that he believes the fee subverts "the whole intention" of the council ruling.

Despite their reservations, Councilwoman Kendra Black noted that while the fee is ethically questionable, DoorDash's decision is technically not illegal.

"I think that they're trying to make the city look bad," she said to Denver7. "...for them to kind of nickel-and-dime customers and restaurants at this time, I just don't think that's very generous of them."

Opinions aside, expect to see an additional charge when you DoorDash in Denver from now on.

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