Coming home late one afternoon, I noticed a package that had been left by my front door by a hardworking UPS delivery-person. Whoever it was had tried hard to hide it under my mat so that eagle-eyed criminals couldn't see it if they were looking for stray packages to steal, and I realized how grateful I was for the extra thought that person had put into delivering my order.

I decided to leave them a 'thank you' holiday card with a little gift card inside, and then wondered: are there other holiday hard workers we should be thanking in our community in a similar way?

The answer is, of course, yes. But who?

According to Consumer Reports, "sixty percent of us gave tips to one or more service providers during the holidays last year". These are people who regularly provide a service that we use, things like housekeeping, trash, mail delivery, and anyone you might see regularly, such as a friendly bank teller or even a barista that always gives you a little extra whipped cream.

Courtesy of Consumer Reports
Courtesy of Consumer Reports

The same article, though, warns against the holiday 'tipping' of salaried workers, like doctors or nurses. This can create an uncomfortable dynamic but might be different when it comes to salaried workers like teachers. Since they spend a lot of time with your kids, it's a great idea to tell them thank you in some way, whether there is a gift behind the message or not.

No matter what you decide to do, just remember the people that work hard for you in your life, and make sure they know you appreciate them this holiday season: that 'thank you' goes a long way.

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