The city of Denver has just enacted a policy change that prohibits its residents from bringing their four-legged friends to breweries, according to 5280.  This has always been the case for food establishments, but dog bars are increasingly popular-- even Fort Collins has one!

Prost Brewing, which opened a few weeks ago, is one of the only breweries in Northern Colorado that allows Fido to accompany their owners into the bar.  They offer snacks for the pups as well as a water bowl, but if the policy change makes its way from Denver to Northern Colorado, this allowance could disappear.

Which means you'll have to enjoy your beer at home with your pup like everyone else:

I see the benefits to both sides-- on one hand, I understand that establishments may consider it unsanitary.  Dogs bring hair and slobber and so much more everywhere they go, and why would you want that around while sipping on an ice cold beer?

On the other hand, though-- the argument that's winning-- dog owners are very good at corralling their dogs.  If you've ever been to one of these dog-friendly bars, you'll see dogs on leashes being respectful, sitting near their owners while they enjoy an ice-cold brew.

Many people are arguing, "You can be away from your dog for two hours, it's no big deal." Sure, that's true for some.  However, many people are at work all day long, and being able to give their pup some company while still enjoying some after-work drinks with friends is actually a huge benefit.  The pup isn't spending another two hours alone after an already long day of solitude, and he/she gets to experience life outside of the four walls they're confined to all day long.

I say cheers to more dog bars-- do you agree with me?