I may be allergic to peanut butter and can't even try this beer, but I understand there are a lot of people that go CRAZY for it. So if that's you, listen up.

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company in Lafayette is putting out a "VERY" limited release of their new experimental Peanut Butter Porter this Saturday. According to their Facebook event, the 10% ABV brew has hints of bourbon and oak and you'll be able to try it out from 12-11 p.m. at their 297 N US Highway 287 location.

They anticipate being able to fill just under 200 Crowlers - if you're one of the lucky few to take some home with you, you can leave with up to 2 Crowlers of the Peanut Butter Porter.

My skin and throat are beginning to itch just thinking about drinking this, so I'll let you have my 2 Crowlers. (Ugh, it does sound pretty good though.) Get more info and RSVP on Facebook here.


    In case you're wondering what would happen if I drank this beer, see the video below. (I visited the ER a few weeks ago for an allergic reaction to Thai food that wasn't actually supposed to have peanuts in it.)

    Like I said, I'll let you enjoy it for me.