If you love craft brews or just the vibe of breweries altogether, you've no doubt taken in all, or at least most of, the local breweries we have in Fort collins. Sadly though, one is closing.

What's the story?

In March of 2020, things changed for every single person in one way, shape, or form. Small local businesses, heck, even huge mega-corporations, felt the wrath of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Some still are to this day. Including the McClellan's Brewing Company in Fort Collins. Having only been around for 6 years after opening up in Campus West back in 2015, it's sad to break the news that McClellan's Brewing Company, has officially closed their doors. McClellan's Brewing Company called 1035 S. Taft Hill RD home for the last 6 years, but now all that remains are the memories of this once hopping local brewery.

What caused the closure?

It's safe to say that the pandemic and the closures it caused in Colorado, and worldwide, hurt many businesses. Some were able to bounce back, some, sadly, were not. According to the Coloradoan, McClellan's Brewing Company financial backer, Tom Landi, said that while they were able to lay low and find creative ways to make it through the closures in the spring and summer of 2020, it ended up being one hurdle after another since then. Stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, COVID-10 surges, and generally fewer people wanting to go and hang out in public settings all spiraled into them never bouncing back to where they once were when the Fort Collins brewery debuted. Tom's son, co-owned the brewery.

Another really cool, local, Northern Colorado business is gone for now, but who knows, maybe they find a way back someday. Cheers.

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