I've never understood why people don't click their seatbelt-- it's the first thing I do when I get into a car. Colorado, however, is not known for being on the high side of the national average when it comes to buckling up...but we're improving.

The Colorado Department of Transportation just released a report that Colorado seat belt use has increased to 86%-- a sharp increase from 2017, where only 83% of Coloradans buckled up. This is compared to the national average, which is 90%.

Quoted in the report, director of the Office of Transportation Safety Darrell Lingk said that this might be because Colorado lacks a primary seat belt law, so less people are inclined to fasten them when there's a great chance they won't be cited for it.

Thanks to the same report, it was noted that there were 222 unbuckled fatalities on Colorado roads, some which no doubt could have been avoided.

Colorado, let's make a pact to buckle up-- it's just not worth it to skip that integral step before getting in the car.

Learn more about Colorado's seatbelt laws here.

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