Recreational cannabis is a bug business here in Colorado. Since legalization, dispensaries have popped up all over the state and tourism because of the legality has skyrocketed. Not to mention the fact that some have moved to Colorado based on recreational cannabis. But, what about the residents and their jobs in the state?

Colorado Experiments With Liberalization Of Marijuana Laws
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Do Coloradoans go to work high? I am sure you've had a run in with an employee who was totally baked while on the job, we all have at one point in time. According to a survey from Instamotor, almost half of marijuana users say they have gone to work high. Now, to be fair, this is a broad spectrum survey that 600 people participated in in states where recreational marijuana was legal.

48% of those surveyed said that they have gone to work high. However, the frequency on how often they clock in stoned varies. 39% say they do so at least once a week, 17% say once a month, 28% say several times over the course of a year and 18% said not within the last year.

Almost 75% of those that were surveyed said that they perform better at their jobs while high. So we want to know, does this surprise you, or does this kind of behavior come with the territory of having recreational marijuana legal in our state of Colorado?


Source: Instamotor

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