This past weekend has been a busy one for me. Recently I purchased plans from to build a miter saw station with ample storage and over the weekend I finally started on the build. This is Jay's completed miter saw station:

The first thing to to was prep an unfinished wall that the miter saw station would be housed against. To keep it warmer in the winter and a bit cooler in the summer, I opted to insulate the wall.

Matt Sparx

This was my first go at insulation and let me tell you, it's not fun to work with. Before the insulation went up, I wired up another outlet, moved an outlet and ran wires for a future air filtration system up the wall that will eventually hang from the garage ceiling.

Then it was time for some drywall. I bought the drywall at a heavy discount a few months ago knowing that I would be doing this. The drywall was discounted due to some damage on the sheets. None of that damage affected my work.

Matt Sparx

The entire wall is now sitting at 80% finished. I still have to install a sheet above the door, tape that joint and paint.

The miter saw station calls for a total of 15 sheet of plywood. I chose to use maple plywood for this build and picked up 5 sheets to start the build. Following the cut list and dozens upon dozens of screws later, I finally have some cabinet carcasses!

Matt Sparx

There are total of 7 carcasses. Three on the bottom and four on the top of the counter. It took me approximately 2.5 hours to build all of them with the pre-cut boards and plenty of pocket hole screws.

Here are three of the carcasses in place for a mock up of where they will sit. Two on the left of the saw and the other to the right... Ladder is the pretend saw currently

Matt Sparx

I have two sheets of plywood left out of the five. The remaining two will be the tops for the bottom cabinets and for the top to house the miter saw. Next the drawers will be built. How many drawers I will have is still up in the air as I will modify the plans to my needs for the garage. I am hoping that the 30 pairs of drawer slides will be here before the weekend so I can install them and mount the top to the bottom carcasses and the wall.

Since buying my home, I have had a lot of firsts when it comes to home improvement/construction. This project is no different. This is my first time installing insulation, hanging drywall and taping the joints. When it was all said and done, I feel like I did a pretty good job for being a first timer! One thing I can say, doing something yourself is so much more rewarding than having someone else do it. Not only is it cheaper, you gain a bit of knowledge at every turn of a project. I enjoy learning things like this and the feeling of accomplishment is even better!

I have been asked to take video of the drawer build, so be on the look out for that soon! The garage is coming together quite nicely and I cannot wait to have some storage for tools, materials and anything else that needs to be put away in the shop.