If there's one thing that's certain, I love a good conspiracy theory. From D.B. Cooper to the search for Loch Ness to was it just a weather balloon?

Alien spaceship 3d illustration

We are surrounded by conspiracy theories, and some of the loudest whispers come from Denver International Airport. From aliens to bunkers, to DIA being the official headquarters for the Illuminati there is no shortage of theories running rampant through the halls.

Denver International Airport will be embracing their weirdness this month with conspiracy-themed events, including free conspiracy art tours and a contest to win an exclusive visit to the airport's underground tunnels.

The first contest will be on the airport's official Facebook page. One person will be chosen at random to bring a friend or family member on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour to explore the airport's underground facilities in search of evidence of a conspiracy. You must pass a criminal background check and take an oath of "eternal secrecy." They will be named on October 20th.

If your "Ghost Hunter" persona has just come out, wait, there's more.

"Conspiracy Theories Uncovered" is a new art gallery that will be temporary on level 5 west of the Jeppesen Terminal near the north security checkpoint. You can see video, artwork, props and more explaining some of the most famous airport conspiracy theories and the "real" (what they want you to believe) explanations behind them. I kid. Slightly. It's free to see these exhibits.

Conspiracy Art Tours will also be free and will last about an hour. Members of DEN's public art program will take you through some of the most talked about art installations and how they are connected with the Illuminati, aliens, and more. These tours will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays through October 29th. You can sign up at http://www.flydenver.com/events

Finally, there will be a Conspiracy Costume Party and Film on the Fly on October 20th. The free screening will feature Close Encounters of the Third Kind on the airport's open-air plaza. You can dress as your favorite conspiracy characters (no full masks or weapons - it is an airport).

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