Like Ramen? Okay with an hour drive to taste all the ramen you can slurp down your gullet? Then this festival is for you.

Ramen-O-Rama is Denver's ramen-themed festival featuring tons of local Colorado Ramen haunts from the area. The festival is happening November 9, but the organizers are already anticipating a quick sell-out, so they've added an RSVP list you can add yourself to to get alerts about tickets before anyone else. Get on that list right here.

Here's a statement from the organizers:

We crave those tangled, soft and delicious noodles, the hot pork- or chicken-flavored broth made even better by a cold day, all the possible adornments: delicate sheet of nori, a proper dicing of scallions, snow peas, a modest serving of miso paste, maybe some bamboo shoots, certainly a poached or hard-boiled egg, and if your diet allows for it some rich pieces of pork belly. These bowls of noodles are beyond satisfying and fun to eat with each bite a combination of new textures and flavors.

Yeah, it's just making me hungry. Learn more about the festival and RSVP right here.

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