The Denver Zoo welcomed a new baby over the weekend – a Malayan tapir named Umi, born to parents Rinny and Benny on Saturday morning.

Umi is the third calf, and first female, for these two tapirs who call the Denver Zoo home. Her unique name means "life" in Malayan, which is special, because at this point, less than 2,000 of this endangered species still exist in the wild. Tapirs look like a lot like pigs, however, they are more closely related to horses and rhinos. According to the zoo, they are excellent swimmers and use their noses as snorkels in the water. When fully grown, these animals often weigh between 700-900 pounds and can stand to be more than three-feet tall.

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Denver Zoo via Facebook

Right now, Umi will stay out of the public eye while being cared for by her mother. Once she is able to swim, and both are comfortable enough to go outside, they will be moved back into the zoo’s Toyota Elephant Passage habitat. Umi's older brothers have been relocated since birth. Welcome to the world, Umi!

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