There are so many interesting animals at the Denver Zoo, and now the staff is giving people the chance to get to know these cute creatures even better. With the launch of a brand new app, zoo guests and animal lovers alike can keep tabs on all of their favorite animals right from their phone, while also learning more about them and other happenings at the zoo too.

Nothing beats actually going to the zoo and checking out these animals in person, and this new technology will help to serve as a digital guide during your visit. It features a GPS-enabled map that makes finding exhibits, concessions, and restrooms a whole lot easier. With just the swipe of a finger, guests can learn more about each of the zoo’s unique residents, such as animal names, ages, favorite foods and other fun facts. It also notifies users of upcoming events, exhibits, and demonstrations. Another way that the app is beneficial, is that it can be used in Spanish, which the zoo finds extremely helpful, due to the fact that they cannot always afford to make all of actual signs in both languages.

The free app can be downloaded by searching "Denver Zoo" in the app store on Apple and Android devices.

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