Dolly the elephant is feeling under the weather, and the Denver Zoo has decided to put her on hospice care.

Believed to be at least 52-years-old, and she's been a Denver Zoo resident for 26 of them, Denver7 reports. The average life expectancy for Asian elephants such as Dolly is 46.9 years.

"Staff are closely monitoring Dolly as she is experiencing discomfort and has had a decrease in her appetite," the Denver Zoo wrote on Facebook. "Zookeepers and veterinarians provide pain medication to keep her comfortable and to help maintain her quality of life."

Throughout her life, Dolly was transferred to various zoos after she was born in the wild in approximately 1964, according to zoo records. Before living at the Denver Zoo, it's believed she was held at the Weed Park Zoo in Iowa from 1966 until it closed in 1980. The first official records kept of Dolly date back to 1984, when she was traveling across the United States with a private owner, giving rides to the public.

I'm so sad to hear she's not on the mend, but understand that death is part of life. I'm happy she was able to make the Denver Zoo her final, loving resting place.