Giving birth.... on a sidewalk outside of a school.

On the list of "not ideal things" I believe this would be at the top of mine... but this actually happened to a 6th grade teacher in Denver. Her name is Lindsay Agbalokwu and the Denver teacher gave birth on a school sidewalk, according to a report.

She felt cramps early in the day — at nine months pregnant that would have been enough for me to call out — but Lindsay went to school to teach anyway. Her due date was September 17 so she brushed off the cramps, went to an award ceremony at the school and returned to her homeroom.

But then the cramps become too much to bear.

After realizing that she was in fact having contractions she decided it was time to go to the hospital and the baby decided it was time to meet the world.

So, with a sleeping bag from Lindsay's car on the sidewalk of DSST: Conservatory Green in Stapleton and the help of the school's principal and the dean of students Lindsay gave birth.

911 was called and at the last minute firefighters finished Lindsay's delivery.

The baby named Zara is healthy at eight pounds and six ounces.

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